Here’s A Few Suggestions For DIY Birthday Party Planning

Birthday parties are so much fun, but so many people spend a ton of money trying to book particular venues and throw in all kinds of different entertainment. There are plenty of venues that offer great birthday packages, but does every birthday every year for everyone have to be the same thing? What happened to the good ole’ do-it-yourself birthday parties that people planned and worked hard for to make them unique?

It’s not like you have to bake your own cake, use simple napkins and cups and provide no entertainment whatsoever. Of course, baking a cake is a good start when you want a unique birthday celebration. There is something to be said about a fresh-baked cake made with love and exactly how someone likes it. Plus, you typically have more options when you bake the cake vs ordering one at the deli. However, you can also order birthday cakes online.

You’re going to have to coordinate the decorations. Are you going to make any of them yourself, or do you plan to buy them all? You can certainly find great deals on party supplies, including those tacky party hats that are always fun to wear. Are you going to need extra tables and chairs? You have to think about the functionality of a space as much as you have to think about the decorations.

Depending on the weather, another good idea is to bring the party outside, perhaps even near a pool (Partyopedia can give you more amazing tips). You can always bring people inside for cake and present time. The inside area can be decorated, and the outside area can be where everyone has fun participating in all kinds of activities. One more suggestion would be to provide live music or even just music of some kind to help spice up the atmosphere and get everyone going. Have a great birthday celebration!