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3 Things About Italian Food You Probably Don’t Know

Are you a foodie who believes they know all there is know about Italian food? Chances are, you don’t know everything (even Italian restaurants Miami). Here are three facts that most people have no clue about.

Throwing pasta on the wall and having it stick is one of the largest Italian food myths ever. This does not indicate the pasta is done – it would actually be overdone if it is actually starchy enough to stick to a wall.

Alfredo sauce is not Italian at all. This is an invention that is probably more American than anything else. If you go to Italy and you ask for this, they will probably look at you as if you had two heads.

Pepperoni pizza is not an Italian treat either (someone working in Brickell Italian Restaurant told me so). If you head to Italy in the hopes of scoring an authentic pizza, asking for pepperoni on it will get you some strange stares as well. This is not something that is generally offered in Italy.

This has probably changed the way you think about Italian food, but now you have some interesting facts to share the next time you are dining with friends and you run out of things to talk about.

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Top 3 Life Insurance Myths

Life insurance is an extremely complicated financial product. Even shopping for a simple insurance option such as term level insurance should be thoroughly reviewed so you end up with a policy with the right level of protection and security. Once you learn the basics of life insurance, the task of choosing between policies become simpler and more straightforward. Here are some misconceptions about life insurance and the truth behind them.

  • Single policy owners don’t need protection from life insurance

Single individuals with no beneficiaries also need to purchase a policy. The payout will be automatically allocated to pay for death-related expenses such as hospitalization bills and funeral costs. You may also want to give the benefits to low-income households or donate the money to charity instead.

  • The maximum payout should only be equivalent to two years worth of salary

The amount of coverage will depend on individual financial situations. Apart from funeral expenses, you also need to consider outstanding debts that you may have with your creditors such as banks and lending companies.

Implement a cash glow analysis to accurately identify the true amount of a policy that you must purchase.

  • Term life insurance is more than sufficient to cover needs and deliver protection

In some cases, employer-issued insurance or group insurance will be more than enough to pay for funeral and take care of outstanding debts. In some cases, you need more than term insurance. Married policy owners, or those who have kids should consider expanding coverage to ensure that loves ones may still survive comfortably even after your death.

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Here’s A Few Suggestions For DIY Birthday Party Planning

Birthday parties are so much fun, but so many people spend a ton of money trying to book particular venues and throw in all kinds of different entertainment. There are plenty of venues that offer great birthday packages, but does every birthday every year for everyone have to be the same thing? What happened to the good ole’ do-it-yourself birthday parties that people planned and worked hard for to make them unique?

It’s not like you have to bake your own cake, use simple napkins and cups and provide no entertainment whatsoever. Of course, baking a cake is a good start when you want a unique birthday celebration. There is something to be said about a fresh-baked cake made with love and exactly how someone likes it. Plus, you typically have more options when you bake the cake vs ordering one at the deli. However, you can also order birthday cakes online.

You’re going to have to coordinate the decorations. Are you going to make any of them yourself, or do you plan to buy them all? You can certainly find great deals on party supplies, including those tacky party hats that are always fun to wear. Are you going to need extra tables and chairs? You have to think about the functionality of a space as much as you have to think about the decorations.

Depending on the weather, another good idea is to bring the party outside, perhaps even near a pool (Partyopedia can give you more amazing tips). You can always bring people inside for cake and present time. The inside area can be decorated, and the outside area can be where everyone has fun participating in all kinds of activities. One more suggestion would be to provide live music or even just music of some kind to help spice up the atmosphere and get everyone going. Have a great birthday celebration!

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Tips To Keep Your Costs Down

If you are a car owner, you probably know that feeling when your car dies at night, in the middle on nowhere. You call a towing service, you sleep in the next motel and you wait to have your car fixed in some shop you know nothing about, by people you don’t trust, at prices you can’t control.

Such situations are inevitable, but they can be kept to a minimum if car owners follow a few guidelines as explained in this article.

First of all, a properly maintained car won’t break that often. If you change your oil and your filters in time, if you check on all fluids and parts that are subject to normal wear, you can replace them or fix any issue before it becomes too big to keep the car running.

It may be expensive to do all maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, but not doing it may result in much higher costs. Besides, your life would be at risk, as you may even die in an accident, should your car break while running at high speeds.

If you know nothing about mechanics, maybe it is time to learn the basics. You don’t need to become an expert, but you should be able to see for yourself when a tire is too worn out and you need to buy a new one (along with cheap auto insurance). Car repair shop owners have all the interest to sell you things you may not actually need, but if you don’t know how to check on them, you are probably going to accept everything. This is how you can end up paying a lot of money without being absolutely necessary.

This is another reason why you might want to find a good and trustworthy mechanic and stick with him for all your car maintenance and repair works. There’s another reason for this: if the same person does works on your car, they are going to know exactly the repair history, so they may be more efficient in discovering problems and in fixing them at minimal costs for you. Even so, you should still have all works agreed beforehand in writing, so that you know exactly what you get for your money. By eliminating misunderstandings, you are going to have exactly the needed repairs done to your car, for prices you are going to know from before. This is good for your car and for your bank account as well.

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Vitamins Aren’t Necessarily Healthy

Over the years, there have been huge amounts of medical and health care advice that’s been flat out wrong. It’s not just a matter of medical science getting better, though that’s part of it. It’s also that science and medical reporting in the United States, and other places in the world, is absolutely terrible. Journalists who don’t understand the science are trying to summarize the findings in a simple way. Mistakes can happen.

One of the biggest, and most long lasting, bits of health advice that turned out wrong is the health properties of vitamins. Not that vitamins aren’t important. Of course they are. The human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients in order to keep working.

However, the human body only needs a certain amount. Any vitamins that are in excess of what the human body needs gets processed out. This is why your urine will often turn funny colors or smell odd after taking vitamins. That’s your body processing the vitamins out.

The vitamin craze can be traced back to Linus Pauling. He was a chemist of some notability, having won a Nobel prize and gained quite a bit of fame. He was also the United State’s first real celebrity doctor. When he gave health advice, people listened.

Unfortunately, near the end of his life he became somewhat obsessed with the idea of immortality. No one wants to die, after all. To that end, he promoted vitamin megadoses.

Dr. Pauling was a good doctor, and a smart man. And it’s true that there are some diseases and problems that can be treated with a change in diet and vitamin supplements. However, the real truth is that vitamin megadoses and vitamin C supplements have been proven to do absolutely nothing. The science is solid, so it’s health advice that simply turned out to be wrong.