Tips for First-Time Grand Canyon National Park Visitors

The Grand Canyon is the ultimate destination for those who love nature, history, and culture. Apart from its obviously enchanting beauty, the Grand Canyon is also teeming with thrilling activities and educational programs that will help further increase your appreciation for this natural wonder.

To make the most out of your Grand Canyon experience, here are things that you should never forget!

  • Be prepared to stay overnight

Although you may have set a budget for your trip to the Grand Canyon, it’s not advised to skimp on adventure. Make sure to invest a few days camping in the Grand Canyon. There are many campsites in the national park where you can pitch a tent and enjoy bonfire with family and friends. For instance, an overnight stay at the Havasu Falls campsite will only cost you $17 per night.

  • Take your time

Don’t attempt to cover a large area of the canyon in one day. If you’re only planning to visit for a day, make sure to make your itinerary beforehand. Make sure all attractions are within close range of each other so you don’t end up spending time on the road traveling from one rim to another.

  • Hold a picnic on the edge

It’s always best to bring your own food when visiting the Grand Canyon. The food merchandise sold inside the national park is expensive. The National Park Service allows the entry of outside food. Take advantage of this opportunity and prepare sumptuous but easy-to-prepare snacks so you can enjoy having a picnic on one of the many viewpoints and cliffs scattered throughout the national park vicinity.